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Nikunj Verma
Sparking new things at CutShort

Intro please. Also, have you worked remote?

Hope you have updated your profile picture, title and social profiles. Also, do connect your Telegram to get timely alerts.

A short intro will be great along with your experience (if any) of working remote. Try to include your speciality... (More)

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Mohan Pothur
Operations Specialist
Hi All, I am an Operations specialist, and my experience spans over 25+ years across FMCG Sales and Distribution, Operations Management, and Business Process Excellence. Besides my core profession as an Operations Consultant, I freelance as a Business Researcher [Secondary... (More)
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Hi everyone, I am a PRO UX Designer and Consultant ★ More than 5 years of hands-on experience in User Experience Design and Product Design. ★ An Adobe Certified XD practitioner. Worked on Design System. ★ Worked on Enterprise UX... (More)
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Ankit Nandwani
Software Quality Ninjaneer
I do Automation. I hev over 6 years of
experience. Core strengths include selenium,
appium, java, BDD and Agile. Always on a
lookout for the next best tech with a passion for
open-source technologies.