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Neeraj PalCutShort Team
A curious voyager out to explore!

Finding a job in 2020 & Beyond

As the world turns to working remotely, the number of professionals looking for a remote job have also increased beyond imagination.

While this change is great, it has also created a new problem - more competition and lesser room for... (More)

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Nikunj Verma
Sparking new things at CutShort
Mark the date - 16th Oct! 150+ companies hiring right now will be actively participating in our online hiring event - JumpStart. Yes, we will have some remote jobs as well! All companies and jobs will start becoming available on... (More)
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Want a great remote job but been waiting on the sidelines?🤔 JumpStart your remote career on 16th October 2020!🙌 On 16th October, we are bringing 100+ companies that are hiring actively right now and letting you explore opportunities with the... (More)