The Remote Movement has begun!

Our community has just started and already has 200 members. This is the first online meetup for the members of this community to know each other.

Register for the meetup here:


This event is an online equivalent of a casual physical meetup. We will say hi to each other, take an overview of remote opportunities and hear from some folks who have been working remotely.

CutShort team will also discuss their initiatives to connect people with remote jobs. Be ready to give feedback!

Requests to you

  1. Please join 5 mins early so that we can start on time.
  2. Introduce yourself in the Chat section on the right. If you want to come online on video, just raise your hand. If your intro is credible, we would love to have you online!
  3. Be an active participant and share your views in the Chat section. This is NOT a webinar where you are just supposed to listen passively.

Next meetups

From next meetups, we will try to invite some experts who can help people address some specific gaps that remote workers typically face.