We now are approaching 500 members in this community. Things are getting heated up! 

2020 is here and many remote jobs will open up soon.

But are you ready?

  • Do you know what remote companies are looking for?
  • Is your profile and application optimized for success?
  • Once you have found a remote job, what do you need to do well at it?

Topic: How to get a great remote job and be successful at it?

Where: Online: http://cutshort.io/a/trm-meetup-2

When: 10th Jan, Friday, 9 pm

Special guests

  • Lance Robbins Founder at RemotelyConnected (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lance-robbins/) who will share his tips on how to apply for a remote job
  • Suyogya Shukla (Happiness Engineer at Automattic) who will share his insights on how he got and thrived as a remote developer at the Wordpress maker - Automattic.
  • Nikunj from CutShort team will share next steps and timelines

Requests to you

  1. Please join 5 mins early so that we can start on time.
  2. Introduce yourself in the Chat section on the right. If you want to come online on video, just raise your hand. If your intro is credible, we would love to have you online!
  3. Be an active participant and share your views in the Chat section. This is NOT a webinar where you are just supposed to listen passively.

We know it's Friday night, but we needed to accomodate our guests who are joining from different timezones. And remote is all about adjusting and making things work, isn't it? :)

Please comment below if you are attending or not.