Hi everyone,

I am a PRO UX Designer and Consultant

★ More than 5 years of hands-on experience in User Experience Design and Product Design.
★ An Adobe Certified XD practitioner. Worked on Design System.
★ Worked on Enterprise UX process and successfully deliver a usable product.

★ Industrial Expertise:
Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmacy, E-Commerce, Night Life, Education and Retail

★ Platform Expertise:
AEM, Salesforce, SAP, Sharepoint, Wordpress and Shopify

★ The design process depends upon the project but here is Standard Design Process -
Requirement Gathering→ User Research → Persona → Information Architecture → Wireframes → Visual Designs → Prototype → Assets Management for Developer.

★ Practical knowledge of The Octalysis Framework for Gamification.

★ I specialized in Mobile App Design & Usability for iOS and Android, UX Audit, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Iconography, User Testing, Wireframing, Prototyping, and Gamification.