As the world turns to working remotely, the number of  professionals looking for a remote job have also increased beyond imagination.

While this change is great, it has also created a new problem - more competition and lesser room for error on the part of remote work aspirants.

So, what needs to be done? What errors to avoid to maximize every opportunity?

To answer this question, we are having on online meet up on "Finding a great job in 2020 & beyond" happening this Saturday (27 June 2020 @ 7 PM IST/1.30 PM UTC). 

Join us along with Andrew Gobran (People operations generalist at Doist, a remote first company); Darshan Gajara (landed a great remote job at GraphCMS during the pandemic) and Nikunj Verma (co-founder & CEO at CutShort) as we discuss and share some interesting insights on the topic.

Interested? Click here to register.


Panel list for meet up
Panel list for meet up