A lot of those who commented on our LinkedIn thread had either less experience OR less quality experience for succeeding in a high quality remote opportunity.

Here is a list of some startups that we think can set you up for a good remote opportunity in the future. These companies have high quality teams and provide independence to their employees.

1. Tact.ai https://cutshort.io/company/tactai
2. Tech9 https://cutshort.io/company/tech9
3. Navi https://cutshort.io/company/bacq
4. Locus: https://cutshort.io/company/locussh
5. Appknox: https://cutshort.io/company/appknox-(xysec-labs-pte-ltd)
6. All Upekkha companies: https://cutshort.io/companies/upekkha
7. Reflektive: https://cutshort.io/company/reflektive
8. Rely.sg https://cutshort.io/company/rely
9. Atlantis: https://cutshort.io/company/atlantis-capital

Of course, we at CutShort are a solid team too and offer great independence at work. We also have many roles: https://cutshort.io/company/cutshort